Polish television in the USA: simple, easy and instant entertainment

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Poland is not that far from the USA as it seems. Yes, it is a long-distance flight, but you don’t need to take it. PolBox.TV brings Poland directly to your doorstep. This one of the key providers of Polish television in the USA guarantees your 24/7 unlimited access to more than 100 Polish TV channels, over 3,000 HD quality movies in Polish language and a Polish greatest radio stations. Don’t hesitate to tune into the online TV, and instantly enjoy the advantages of reconnecting with your homeland.

Stay Pole even on the North Pole

One of the greatest perks of Internet TV is that it can be watched literally in any place on Earth, let alone the USA. The only limitation is the availability of Internet access. But PolBox.TV guarantees high quality of television Polish online even in the areas of a weak connection. This means you can watch the streaming at home, at work, at the seaside, in your car or anywhere else.

Discover other opportunities for online TV:

  • Multiscreen, i.e. the broadcasts can be streamed to any kind of available device, including a TV set, PC or laptop, tablet or smartphone;
  • Multiplatform, the Polish TV online works equally well on all major kinds of platforms for computers and smartphones;
  • Multiroom, which is the possibility to watch different broadcasts on different devices simultaneously;
  • Background streaming, meaning you can see your TV online in one of the windows of your computer desktop while doing some work;
  • Timeshift, or in other words rescheduling your TV program according to your lifestyle or timezone;
  • Archive, to which certain shows of your choosing are saved and available there during the next two weeks after the broadcast;
  • Parental Сontrol, built in to prevent your children from seeing undesirable content.
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To be installed to your home, Polish TV via the Internet does not require any satellite dishes mounting, meters of cables or drilling walls. This is the XXI century technology, and it unites all the achievements of the previous developments. So it is easy in installation and maintenance, simple in adjustment, and much more affordable compared to other known alternatives.

Polish television in the USA is intended to bring the families and friends together, and sustain the connection of Polish people with their homeland, its rich cultural heritage.

Join the PolBox.TV world, the community of Poles enjoying their uninterrupted connection with their Homeland!