15 Best Detective Movies Like Enola Holmes

15 Best Detective Movies Like Enola Holmes - Украина, Польша, Германия.

Now on Netflix, Enola Holmes brings a different Baker Street story to the big screen by expanding the Sherlock Holmes universe. Based on the young adult novel by Nancy Springer, this mystery drama introduces Holmes’ younger sister, Enola, who shares her family’s interest in solving mysteries. Now, critics and fans are praising the newest adaptation for its fresh story and exuberant performance by Millie Bobby Brown.

Though Enola follows her brother’s detective footsteps, she is nothing like her sibling in personality. She has her unique style and detective techniques to solve cases while showing off her youthful and strong-willed nature. Not only does this work, but it creates a different Sherlock Holmes film that viewers will enjoy. As this movie will be considered a success, the filmmakers and actors have intentions of making another film. From another Sherlock adaptation to a teenage comedy, viewers can look at other movies that are similar to Enola Holmes, whether it be the genre, story, or recurring themes.

UPDATE: 2022/11/13

Many fans were charmed by Millie Bobby Brown’s portrayal of Enola Holmes in what was a new twist on the beloved Sherlock Holmes lore. Two years have passed since the first movie, and Netflix has now delivered on the sequel, with Enola back in action and finding her footing as a young female detective. While Enola Holmes 2 maintains the fun, breaking the fourth wall mystery premise from the original, it also brings in a new spin with the titular character working with her renowned brother to solve a perplexing case. Also, critics love the sequel even more, with much higher stakes and Henry Cavill and Brown’s chemistry as sibling detectives. Funny enough, the Netflix sequel is not the only film — let alone a Holmes sequel — to focus on the main themes of strong female investigators, mystery solving, and now sibling rivalry, as teen movies and mysteries still dominate the masses.

Detective Pikachu (2019)

Like Enola Holmes, Detective Pikachu also follows a similar story of finding a missing person. Tim Goodman lives in this Pokémon world, where he hopes to become a trainer one day. Though initially informed that his father died in a car crash, some clues suggest that Tim’s father may still be alive. In this highly-rated Pokémon-inspired movie, Tim receives Pikachu’s assistance to uncover the events that occurred before the accident and find out what his father was doing.

This film is a must-watch for Pokémon fans as it gives an ode to many elements of the animated series. With the cute and hilarious voice performance by Ryan Reynolds, viewers will have fun watching this movie as they encounter each Pokémon character while solving the mysteries within the Pokémon world. And like Enola Holmes 2, the best chance of solving a case is teaming with others, just as Pikachu and Tim become friends with Lucy and Psyduck.

Nancy Drew (2007)

Enola Holmes is not the only female-led detective movie based on a series of novels, with 2007’s Nancy Drew being the closest film to checkmark everything about the Netflix film’s likeness with a modern setting. With Emma Roberts as the titular character, Nancy is a skilled young detective who moves to a new city and tries to assimilate into her new life as a normal school teenager. However, when a movie star’s death resurfaces, Nancy cannot help but go on her venture and use her expertise to untangle the unresolved case.

Enola Holmes and Nancy Drew are alike in many ways, being young and charming female sleuths devoted to solving mysteries. But, compared to most mystery movies, Nancy Drew has a sillier plot engrained with teen movie clichés and old-fashioned protagonists in the present world. While Nancy Drew is not as sophisticated and well-balanced in its narrative as Netflix’s Enola Holmes, the 2007 mystery comedy still has playful and funny moments. And Roberts’ portrayal of the character at least redeems the underwhelming tale by showing Nancy’s bubbly and daring zeal.

A Simple Favor (2018)

In this comedy-crime thriller, a single mother named Stephanie investigates her friend’s disappearance, causing her son to be left behind. As she tries to figure out what happened to Emily, Stephanie learns about her friend’s dark past that may have come to haunt her.

A Simple Favor is a fun yet a twisted film that keeps viewers asking more questions than answers. And like Enola Holmes, the crime thriller is headlined by two female leads as Emily’s disappearance becomes its own game of unraveling characters’ motives and outsmarting the other in their exploits. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively show great chemistry as they represent the character’s complicated friendship. The film is also a must-watch for anyone who wants an elevated mystery thriller, filled with deception, lies, and toxic friendships.

Gone Girl (2014)

This psychological crime thriller will leave people questioning who they can trust and who they marry. Directed by David Fincher, Gone Girl focuses on the case of a missing married woman and her dysfunctional marriage with her husband, Nick. Her disappearance leads the media to suspect Nick of potentially murdering his wife.

Based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, the movie is filled with jaw-dropping twists and shocking moments that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats and have people guessing the female lead’s next move. Compared to Enola Holmes and its sequel, Gone Girl is far more intricate than a simple mystery, having subtle thematic undertones of social media, deceit, and manipulation. Nevertheless, Rosamund Pike delivers a phenomenal performance for her duplicitous portrayal of Amazing Amy, testing her ability to control the narrative and get back at her husband’s infidelity.

National Treasure (2004)

In National Treasure, no one thought that uncovering historical treasure meant stealing the Declaration of Independence. Though that may seem like the hard part, Benjamin Gates and his company will realize that the clues and riddles become the biggest challenge of this treasure hunt.

Some of the best mystery series are composed of fun, puzzle-solving uncertainties that will have the audience thinking, which is the case with Enola Holmes and its sequel. Similarly, National Treasure and its sequel — starring Nicolas Cage and Diana Kruger — bring viewers on an action-packed adventure of treasure hunting and riddle intricacies. Like Enola Holmes, it requires intelligence, skills, and cleverness to unlock the most difficult details and mysteries. However, the historical nodes to important American history become the key to uncovering those puzzles as they race to find the hidden treasure and historical gems.

Game Night (2018)

Though playing board games and guessing games seem harmless, sometimes certain games may go a bit too far. In Game Night, a group of friends participates in a role-playing game, where they think they are solving a fun crime mystery. Unfortunately, things go sideways when the game turns out to be real, and people’s lives are at stake.

While the characters may be avid gamers, they definitely do not have Enola’s experience in fighting against a real adversary, but that is what makes Game Night fun. And in some ways, Game Night emulates more Enola Holmes 2’s aspects, where teamwork and multiple minds are necessary to help free Max’s brother from his entanglement. Not only is Game Night smart, but the story leaves viewers laughing from the movie’s beginning to the end, with theatrics like an underground club and playing football with a Fabergé egg.

Little Women (2019)

Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women is not a mystery movie in the likes of Enola Holmes. However, the period drama does share the weight of women’s empowerment, feminism, and progression in a periodical setting.

Like Enola, Jo March also tries to overcome the stereotypical expectations for women in a male-dominated society. This means going against the status quo as she becomes an independent working woman, a situation that Enola herself faces in Enola Holmes 2. While Jo is just one of the four sisters, each sister has unique stories that foretell the different struggles and pressure within society. Praised for retelling the novel’s writing, Little Women also featured a star-studded cast, including Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh, both of whom received nominations for their performances.

Knives Out (2019)

With a stellar ensemble cast, Knives Out presents a modern-day whodunit. When the patriarch of the Thrombey family dies from an apparent suicide, someone else believes that there is a possible foul play. With Detective Blanc on the case, each Thrombey family member and the family’s caretaker become suspects for his potential murder.

Rian Johnson’s mystery extravaganza was critically raved over by critics and audiences alike for its suspenseful story and great performances by the cast. This is particularly because Knives Out has small, hidden details that keep viewers guessing who the murderer is. In most ways, Johnson’s original whodunit covers similar grounds to Enola Holmes 2, such as the sibling conflict and the captivating investigative aspects. And like the Netflix sequel, Knives Out is another mystery series to expand on its universe. Given Knives Out’s overwhelming success, Netflix acquired the rights to the sequel, titled Glass Onions, which is also set to come out later this year.

Searching (2018)

Searching follows the story of a father whose daughter has been missing for days. Using the power of technology, David Kim uncovers information from his daughter’s computer and smartphone that could track down her location. However, time is at the essence of searching for his daughter.

This 2018 mystery thriller presents a unique style and direction in its storytelling, viewing through the perspective of computers and smartphones. Through this unusual point of view, onlookers watch revelations unfold throughout the film as the father learns more about his daughter and her possible whereabouts. The concept surprisingly works, leaving fans impressed with the overall final product. As one of the best movies about a missing person, John Cho and Michelle La also earned praise for their dynamic display as father and daughter.

Scooby-Doo (2002)

Both Enola Holmes movies showed that teamwork is key to successfully solving a conundrum, and another movie with a detective brigade is 2002’s Scooby-Doo. While most animation series show the Scooby Gang sharing minds to solve a case, the live-action film actually starts with them having a fallout before eventually being inwewidually invited to Spooky Island to examine a string of strange occurrences.

Although they actually solve supernatural and evil forces than missing person cases, the Mystery Incorporated still share their passion and knowledge of deciphering puzzles and hidden clues with their wits and audacity like Enola. The movie has a disjointed plot and mindless action, but it takes to heart the mystery-solving in the same ways that culminate in Enola Holmes. And just like how Enola and Sherlock decide to work together to solve the disappearance, the Scooby Gang finds themselves in a similar scenario as means of efficiently catching the culprit.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a coming-of-age story in which the titular character decides to cut class and hang out with his girlfriend and best friend in the city. While skipping school, certain people want to uncover Ferris’s antics and get him in trouble.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is not a mystery movie, but it does share several character elements where Enola has the habit of breaking the fourth wall. Both Ferris and Enola have moments of addressing the audience, which shows their outgoing and young personalities as they inform their viewers about their motivations throughout their perspective films. With Enola Holmes 2 adding the sibling rivalry into the mix, the likeness doesn’t stop there since Ferris Bueller knows exactly this feeling with his own playful feud with his sister, Jeanie. Of course, Ferris Bueller’s cleverness from being caught skipping class keeps viewers smiling and laughing throughout the film.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

This pick may be quite obvious, considering Enola Holmes is an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. In Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock tries to solve a series of crimes in London. With his confidant John Watson’s help, Holmes hopes to track down Lord Blackwood and stop their plans from terrorizing the city any further.

While Henry Cavill has certainly donned the peculiar Sherlock with finesse in Enola Holmes, it is Robert Downey Jr. who exudes Sherlock’s quirky and intriguing personality in a different kind. Both Enola Holmes and 2008’s Sherlock Holmes show the titular Holmes carrying on with their shenanigans, proving they are the best in their business. Of course, Guy Ritchie’s iteration goes back to the novels’ basics, with Sherlock’s sidekick Dr. Watson by his side alongside the periodic London backdrop. Despite some differences, even Sherlock Holmes doesn’t miss a beat with its wits, adventure, and action coupled with its old-school detective style.

Veronica Mars (2014)

If there is anyone who understands Enola’s struggles as an amateur sleuth, it would be Veronica Mars. Having once lived life by solving crimes, a recent law graduate finds herself back in her old livelihood when she suspects the handling behind her ex-boyfriend’s murder accusations.

Unlike the Enola Holmes series, which is just two movies, the Veronica Mars series consists of the four-season series that became a hallmark of teen mystery drama. Nevertheless, the 2014 movie best radiates the qualities of the Enola Holmes movies, with a similarly determined and brilliant female detective who is not afraid to take any risks. Despite their similar characterizations, it encapsulates a typical noir framework with its mature and stern tone, which is a nice pace change from Enola Holmes’ lighthearted undertones.

The Nice Guys (2016)

Starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, The Nice Guys follows an enforcer and a private investigator who become entwined in a young woman’s disappearance and a porn star’s death. As they form an unlikely partnership to find Amelia, the situation grows bewildering with more mysterious deaths of people connected to the events.

Although the gumshoe angle may be an afterthought and the content is mature compared to Enola Holmes, this buddy cop film doesn’t take itself too seriously. And if anyone wants a similarly strong but peculiar pairing from Enola Holmes 2 in the likes of Enola and Sherlock, Gosling and Crowe do just that as PIs, manifesting an unusual effortless comical side as the most hilarious and unconventional dynamic duo. Clearly, The Nice Guys is one of the best and most underrated buddy comedies, with sharp writing and well-balanced action alongside a sprinkle of clever mystery and subtle noir from its 70s setting.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

Just as Enola Holmes got a part 2 to her overarching tale, the famous Sherlock Holmes continued his investigative mischief in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. What made the sequel even more high stakes is that Sherlock and Dr. Watson faced their worst enemy yet, Professor Moriarty.

The Sherlock sequel shares many similarities with Enola Holmes 2, with more full-blown action and the added sibling subplot. And both Downey and Cavill’s Sherlock become flustered with the toughest detective work yet, making the sibling partnership an important layer of their stories. While Enola Holmes 2 maintained its hawkshaw elements, A Game of Shadows took things up a notch with more daring and overblown stunts, slightly subverting its investigative facets from the first film. Despite such a change in pacing and spectacle, the dynamic between Sherlock and Dr. Watson delivers the movie’s best moments, as Downey and Jude Law exudes their undeniable chemistry as crime-solving friends.